The Healthcare "Three - R's"
Regulation - Reform - Reimbursement
August 22, 2014
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sheppard Pratt Conference Center
6501 N. Charles Street
Towson, MD 21204
$95.00 HFMA Member

$95.00 HFMA Member - Non Maryland Chapter

$145.00 Non Member

$0.00 Speaker

$0.00 Program Committee/Chairperson


Welcome to the Maryland Chapter of HFMA Website!

Welcome to the Maryland Chapter HFMA website.  This website is designed to help you maximize your membership in both the Maryland Chapter and National HFMA.  Please review this website as a tool to obtain the latest information on upcoming chapter events and news.  The website provides a list of our chapter leaders, committees and bylaws.  Additionally, this website serves as a link to National HFMA “knowledge center”, education and events, which provide access to a wealth of information as part of your membership.

Please note our website lists the organizations that sponsor many of our educational events.  Their generous donations have enabled our chapter to provide high quality educational programs at reasonable costs.  Please thank them and let them know how much you enjoy the opportunity our educational events present.

From a National Perspective, our HFMA National Chair for 2013-2014 is Steve Rose whose theme this year is “Whatever It Takes.”  In health care today, we all need to do whatever it takes to provide high-quality care at a lower cost in an environment where delivering value is more important than ever.  When you have an opportunity to do the right thing, don’t ask yourself, “why me?”  Instead, ask, “if not me, then who?”  In health care, wherever there is a need, you have an opportunity to lead.

From a Chapter Perspective, the Maryland Chapter showed once again it is one of the best chapters in the country.  At the 2013 Annual National Institute, Maryland received HFMA’s highest honor, The Shelton Award, for sustained excellence and growth over the last five years.  The Officers and Board Members pledge to continue to make our chapter one of the best in the country.

Throughout the year, I encourage you to review our website for exciting educational and social opportunities.  Our board and committees are actively working to make our chapter one of the best in the Nation.  HFMA membership provides cost effective education programs, networking opportunities, and the ability to work with your colleagues in the industry on a collaborative basis.  I encourage you to get involved with one of the Maryland Chapter committees where we all have the opportunity to demonstrate our leadership capabilities.

Thank you for being a guest at our website; we hope you find it useful.  Please feel free to provide recommendations for its enhancement and how we can improve your on-line experience.

Chuck Zorn

President, HFMA – Maryland Chapter 2013 – 2014                                                  


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